Preachers and Protestors in Leimert Park

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Preachers Park

Leimert Park in Los Angeles is a hub for street preachers, protestors and an assortment of individuals or groups with a message to disseminate through bull horns, signs and banners or simple ‘hollar at the top of your lungs’ delivery methods. At various times, you’ll find Rastafari, Muslim, Christian, anti-government marchers and often live music. There are restaurants, clothing stores specializing in African attire, a cultural center, a bookstore and other shops that represent the milieu, making this a very lively place to paint. It was my turn this day to proclaim my message about Jesus.

I’m not a demonstrative person, so I made my presentation quietly behind my easel, speaking to curious onlookers who stopped to watch me paint. It was a lively day this day. I met a man living in fear of death who wouldn’t couldn’t see how God could help him. A female photographer asking a lot questions got chased out of the park by some of the locals. A talkative parking enforcement officer gave me a history lesson about the community. I saw no salvations that day, but a handful of people heard the gospel.

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