God’s Talent Search

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When ministering on the streets, the best thing you can give a person are the sincere words from your mouth that faithfully explain God’s plan of salvation. However, you won’t always have the opportunity, especially when people are in a hurry to get to their destination.┬áBut people often will pause for just a moment to see what you’re doing if you’re standing behind an easel with a paintbrush in your hand. If you have a tract in your other hand, you can slip it to them before they rush away. If it’s visually appealing, they will not likely discard it; at least not until they’ve carefully inspected it.

I designed the Talent Search tract while I was still working in the movie industry and ministering on the streets of Hollywood after hours and on weekends. Although I still use it outside of Hollywood, I believe it’s time to come up with some new ideas that will connect with people in their environment.

Do you have any ideas for a new theme?

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