Not Our Talents – God’s Anointing Gets the Job Done

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Today is Memorial Day. I went for my almost-daily walk which took me by a nearby recreation park. I had expected to find the place crowded with picnickers, but there were only a few parents there with their children.

I had my paint kit with me, so I decided to do a painting of the kids playing on the jungle-gym equipment. I found a shady place under a gazebo. I don’t use pencils for sketching. Instead, I use pen & ink. It’s somewhat like flying on a trapeze under the big-top without a net. If I make a mistake, all will see; unless I work an unintended stroke into the routine so that people think it’s part of the act.

Since I had my medium size kit, I sat down on a stone picnic table to paint. Therefore, I was not likely to draw curious people to see what I was doing. Nevertheless, I prayed that someone would stop by.

Less than ten minutes had passed when a man and wife came walking through the  gazebo with their granddaughter. The man stopped and sat down near me while his wife continued on with the child. When he made a comment about me painting, I knew God had answered my prayer.

We talked about a lot of things; our children and grandchildren, jobs, gang violence and more while I prayed quietly for a way to turn the conversation toward the Lord. The man, himself, was the one who initiated that conversation. He mentioned how he had helped keep a young black youth for going to prison for a minor non-violent infraction. He said that the young man had never once been to church because no one had ever asked him.

At about that time, we were joined by another man who knew the one I had been talking to. When I asked the one I had been talking to which church he went to, he pointed to the man who had just joined us and said, “He’s my pastor.” The pastor told me about his church and that he knows my pastor.

It never ceases to amaze me, even though I expect it, how God uses my paintings to start a conversation about Him. This is why I am so excited to begin a new series of ‘Jesus En Plein Air‘ workshops to equip artist to serve Him with their talent.

It’s really not about our talents, but God’s anointing that gets the job done.

How has God worked in your life?

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