The Man Who Walked Away From God’s Gift

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Huntington Hospital

One of the biggest thrills of painting en plein air is not the artwork you product, but the people you meet.

I pitched my easel across from the Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, CA. I was nearly finished with the painting and had not had any visitors. However, I saw a man standing nearby watching me. He was standing next to a shopping cart. Although I was standing in the parking lot of a grocery store, his cart did not hold groceries. Instead, it appeared to be full of old papers.

When I smiled and greeted him, he walked over and sat down. After watching for a few minutes, he said, “I have something for you.” He rummeged around in his basket for a while then pulled out a magazine and handed it to me. It was a copy of Art & Antiques. Although it was outdated, I could see that he was pleased to give it to me. I was equally pleased to receive it.

I said, “I have something for you.” I told him about Jesus and that He was God’s gift to mankind. When I asked if he had received God’s Gift, he said he wasn’t interested, then walked away pushing his shopping cart.

Have you received God’s Gift?

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