Don’t Detour Off the Narrow Road of Biblical Truth

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Mr. Anderson was an elderly man, probably in his 80’s. He came out of a nearby liquor store and saw me painting en plein air. He said he had been a painter. When I asked him what sort of paintings he did, he said that he was the first Black painting contractor in California. Duhhh, he painted buildings, not paintings of¬†buildings. I congratulated him for being a trailblazer and listened to some of the struggles he encountered on his way to the top.

Eventually, I turned the conversation toward God. That’s when he said that he was a minister. I was glad to hear that until… He started explaining his theology. It was rather strange. When I asked him where in the Bible he could point me to confirm his beliefs, he said that God had revealed some things to him that were not revealed in scripture. Uh oh! It seems that he had taken a detour off the narrow road of Biblical truths.

I recall that wife told me several days ago of a Christian scientist who acknowledge that there appeared to be gaps, even discrepancies, between science and the Bible. He took the position that the Bible was true and that science had yet to discover what the scriptures revealed. I think we would do well if we all set out to fill in the gaps and resolve the discrepancies under the light of God’s unchanging word instead of trying to justify our personal theories and conjectures.

Do you believe the Bible is true?

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