I Met Jesus at The Hollywood Towers

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Hollywood Towers

I met Jesus at the Hollywood Towers while painting en plein air. No, it wasn’t Jesus the Christ, but Jesùs the Bible student.

I had given the young man coming from a building under construction a Talent Search Tract, so he knew I was a Christian before I made a formal introduction. When I asked his name, he appoligetically said that his name was Jesùs (pronouncing it in Spanish). When I said his name was something to be proud of, he told me of his Catholic upbringing and that he thought he was not worthy to bear the name of his Savior. After he explained his reasoning, I understood why he felt that way. “But look at the great ministry opportunities your name affords you,” I replied. He agreed, but said he would have preferred that his parents named him Miguel or some name other than Jesus. We had a good time of fellowship on that street corner before he had to hurry off to to his Bible study class.

Next, a young lady named Crystal came to my easel. She was an artist, so we had much to talk about, until I mentioned Jesus.

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