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From the Car Wash

In yesterday’s post, I talked about meeting the cook, the x-con and the prostitute on a street corner in South Central Los Angeles. All my visitors had intriguing stories to tell.

This day, I pitched my easel on the corner where a self-serve car wash was located to paint en plein air. I don’t recall meeting any interesting characters. I simply passed out a few Talent Search Tracts. Also, I didn’t like the way this painting turned out. However, creating pretty paintings is not the reason we go to the streets. We’d love to see every piece of art work out well, but if it doesn’t and we still touched someone for Christ, the day was still a success.

Only as eternity unfolds might we discover that the tract we handed to someone as they passed by, or the kind word we offered in Jesus’ name turned a person’s attention to God.

Do you ever feel discouraged as you attempt to talk to others about the Lord?

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