The Gospel and the Bugatti

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Yellow Bugatti


The original Bugatti automobile was designed by Italian born, French naturalized citizen, Ettore Bugatti. He built his remarkable machines in early twentieth century France. His cars were known as works of art, but he is perhaps most famous for his racing machines of he 20’s & 30’s.

An Elvis Concert

I had seen an old blue Bugatti parked in front of an upholstery shop. I knew that I would one day paint it. I became acquainted with the car owner. Aside from working on cars, he played the small casinos in Las Vegas as an Elvis impersonator. He did a mini-concert in his upholstery shop one afternoon just for me. He was very good. He was also delighted that I wanted to do a painting of his car.

By the time I got around to doing the painting, the car was a bright shinny yellow. I pitched my easel to paint en plein air in his driveway one day and began to work. As the painting progressed, I grew increasingly uneasy about it. I did, however, go on to finish it during which time I shared Christ with a young man who worked in a nearby recycling Center.


After I had completed the painting, I went to the owner to learn more about the Bugatti. The first question I asked was, “What model year is this?” i thought it unusual when he said, “I don’t know.” (certainly one would know such an important detail about this vintage automobile). When I pressed him on the age of the vehicle, he confessed that it was not an original at all, but a recently manufactured car kit. As I inspected the car more closely, the signs of fakery then began to pop up all over the car. I saw the ill-fitting joints, the fiberglass body, the miss-matched chassis, etc..

“So, what does a Bugatti have to do with the gospel?” some may ask. The fake Bugatti looked good from a distance, but under close scrutiny, it became apparent that it was a fraud.

Under the Microscope

The most powerful microscope is located in Berkley, California. It;s an electron microscope which cost $27 million and can view things 100’s of times smaller than a human hair. True Christianity based on a relationship with Jesus, plus a knowledge and adherence to the scriptures can withstand the closest investigation under a spiritual electron microscope.

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