Guess Who’s Watching You?

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Petes OTI went out early Saturday morning to paint en plein air in Old Town Pasadena. I pitched my easel off the SE corner of Colorado Blvd. and Fair Oaks Ave., a major intersection in OT. The foot traffic was light. Most of the people who passed me by were going to or from the bus stop.

Guess Who’s Watching?

I did, however, have several people stop to see what I was doing. The most interesting conversation I had that day was with an undercover cop. Since I was in an area where there are numerous surveillance cameras, I’m sure I attracted their attention, which is fine with me since I am only there paint and seek the lost. I’m more concerned that God is cool with watching me do what I do. I’ve had the privilege to share Christ with both plain-clothes and uniformed officers who stop by to check me out.

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