Once Down But Now Always Victorious

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In 1965, heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali fought former champion Sonny Liston. The bout lasted less than one round as Ali knocked Liston out with a right hook that came so fast that no one saw it coming; especially Liston. One could say our fight is fixed. Jesus already defeated our enemy, the devil and his forces. All we have to do is keep standing, for the scriptures command; ‘Stand fast in the liberty by which Christ has made us free…’ (Galatians 5:1).

Hurricane Sandy, Malcolm X and the Good News

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The horizon was gray-black with patches of pale blue sky peek-a-booing through the clouds as Hurricane Sandy approached. The air was like a Kansas afternoon moments before an f-4 tornado roared in; still. The Harlem brownstones on Malcolm X Blvd. and 136th St. changed values as fast-moving clouds rationed out rays of sunlight on their weathered facades.

The Time of God’s Reaping

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A large lumber mill moved into a nearby town and set up shop near this farming community. Up until that time, the farmers had eked out a meager living on land they had purchased and cleared. They grew cotton, tomatoes, and other crops they would sale (keeping a portion to satisfy their own necessities). The forest had remained relatively untouched by humans. It was primarily a refuge for deer, wild boar, foul and other critters which served as a source food source for the farmers. Although their labor was hard, but the balance of nature served the farmers well. That would soon change.

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