The Time of God’s Reaping

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A large lumber mill moved into a nearby town and set up shop near this farming community. Up until that time, the farmers had eked out a meager living on land they had purchased and cleared. They grew cotton, tomatoes, and other crops they would sale (keeping a portion to satisfy their own necessities). The forest had remained relatively untouched by humans. It was primarily a refuge for deer, wild boar, foul and other critters which served as a source food source for the farmers. Although their labor was hard, but the balance of nature served the farmers well. That would soon change.

Space Shuttle Endeavor En Plein Air

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People from the community filled the streets in Los Angeles to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor. The science community stated that it was their hope that this event would inspire the youth (presumably minority youth) to pursue studies that would prepare them for careers in the fields of science and space exploration. Judging from the wonder seen on the faces of young people here, that could very well happen if they can transfer their enthusiasm from the streets to the classroom. I’ve been a Trekie since Spock first grew pointed ears; I pray that our young people sieze this opportunity of a life-time.

Sidewalk Prayer Meeting

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This day as I painted en plein air, I was the direct recipient of God’s love. The young lady who stopped to see what I was doing was a Spirit-filled believer in Jesus. We had a great time of fellowship. We also had our own little prayer meeting right there on the sidewalk. We prayed, lifted our hands and worshiped God as people passed us by. Some might have called us crazy, but God calls us blessed.

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